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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Leaving town

Ski season at Taos Ski Valley's almost over for me — heading to Treskow's steep chute through the trees a couple weeks ago. I promise you it's the camera lens, not the trees that are curving to the sky. Today is pre-pack time, gearing up to leave town for a bit. Look out for more info after next weekend. 

As Barbara's brother-in-law used to say, this photo shows "the highlight of the frolic": hanging prayer flags at the top of Kachina Peak. 

Hike takes about an hour and a half. 
Ski down took 5:30 minutes!! 

For you numbers'-junkies: hike begins at top of chair 2, elevation is about 10,900 feet. After a steep twenty minute climb through trees to Highline Ridge and a slick traverse on skis across, not down!!, the Kitchen Wall, one hikes and hikes and hikes to reach Kachina's 12,450 foot top. 

And for the really sharp-eyed among you— yes, 
you do see golf clubs behind those prayer flags!