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Friday, June 5, 2015

Cruising the Gulf

Some photos to go with yesterday's commentary - yes! I solved the upload problem; just required a lot of patience with a very slow internet connection. Those who know me well will quickly note that patience is a virtue I express seldom, if at all!

On the Pegasus cruise, leaving the harbor at Tolo:

Those increcible clear aquamarine waters of Hydra beckon swimmers but the rocks present a forbidding entry. The solution:  sunbathing platforms perched among the shoreline rocks — and shallow steps leading into the water. Even nicer: from the swim platforms, one can meander uphill to shaded refreshment stands with picnic tables, umbrellas, and good mood music. A very civilized way to enjoy the sea!

See, Alan, I told you I ate lunch with a cannon. I just wish you could read the fine print on the menu that tells about the Sunset Restaurant being voted the 2nd best view in the world.

More cannons - and that's Gill&Steph who I met on the boat; funny that we all ended up at the same restaurant with a view and shared lunch together. Behind the lens is Peter, Steph's brother: 

Why so many cannons, you ask. Think pirates following in the wake of the shipping lanes that criss-crossed the waters between Italy and Byzantium. In fact, trade and anti-piracy activity provided most of Bouboulina's fortune, from which she funded ships with cannons to aim at the Turks in Greece's the war of revolution.

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