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Monday, June 1, 2015

Wake Up, Sleepyhead!

Even better than iPhone alarm-tone! (*) From the balcony across the street (If you're following me, it will look familiar.) these cheerful flashes of sunshine — canaries? — sang me out of a restless jet-lagged sleep. You can bet I'll take Ambien tonight! Closer than their competition, the slightly off-key church bells a block away, these guys are impossible to ignore.

Downstairs to coffee and a Greek breakfast buffet that covers the 8-foot bar with everything from spanikopita to fresh fruit, olives,  feta cheese and chopped tomatoes, honey and yoghurt, and chocolate cake! There's  something for ALMOST every breakfast taste in Europe and North America.

However: ¡No hay huevos rancheros aquĆ­ en Nafplio!

*figured out how to use iPhone alarm - so simple: just set it 8 hours ahead of Taos time, i. e. whatever time it shows. Why did that seem so complicated two days ago?

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