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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Serendipity Strikes Again!

Last year when Barb and I traveled to the British Isles, we kept bumping into wonderful events and exhibitions which were not on our to-do list. We never got to see the inside of Windsor Castle, but even better, we watched the state parade celebrating the first visit, EVER!, of the Irish President to England. The Horse Guards, Mounted Bands (not marching on foot!), and an Irish Garda Unit made the event far more memorable than a castle tour might have been.

Serendipity followed us wherever we went — to Dublin and Dun Laoghairie in Ireland, the Isle of Skye, and Edinburgh Castle. It seems serendipity isn't done with me, yet! Serendipity made super memories last night in Nafplio!

For a change from the tourist restaurant scene, I sought out an Internet-recommended neighborhood cafe for early supper. Service was fine. Food was OK (filling, tasty enough, and healthy, if you don't count a plateful of fries). The jasmine overhead formed a refreshing canopy, even though its blooms were mostly-done. BUT, after dinner as I wound back toward the tourist section through the steep, narrow streets, I heard faint strains of Greek music. This was Monday evening, the Greek Orthodox day for celebrating Pentecost. Perhaps I could peek in on some religious celebration?

Following  the music through nearly-deserted streets, I arrived at the banner-festooned church square. A local audience was settling into neat rows of plastic chairs arranged on the street. I was just in time to hear the priest speak before the dancing began.

Check out the woman in the last row at 1:45 - clap hands and roll them isn't just for Patty-Cake anymore!

This post is especially dedicated to my cousin, Savannah Tennessee Elaine Walling. Folk dancing was once, and may still be, one of her passions

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